As we all know, COVID19 is spreading fast. When we check prices of surgical mask on Aliexpress, I almost fell off the chair. What cost $0.10 usd now cost $1. This July, we saw an significant drop in prices of face masks. They are much more affordable now due to more supply coming from Chinese factories.

These were some of the steps that you can take to ensure that you remain safe from the virus. A mask will help you keep the germs at bay to a certain extent. It is advisable however to wear mask only if you sick or feeling sick.

Also masks have to be of good quality as below.

Prices of Different Types of Face Masks on Aliexpress

Here are some of the masks that you can use to help you fight coronavirus. Order them today to fight the global outbreak –

#1 – Washable and Reusable PM 2.5 Mask

The washable and reusable mask comes in an adjustable size that is suitable for keeping germs and viruses away. It is available in eleven different colors. You can use the nose piece to adjust the mask according to your size. This helps to seal the mask better and keep the germs away from you.

The valve design helps to reduce heat and moisture accumulation. The elastic earloop can be adjusted as well to make wearing the mask comfortable.

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The mask has a five-layer PM 2.5 filter. The filter cannot be cleaned, however, it can be replaced. It is recommended to replace the filter every 7 to 10 days to keep the effectiveness of the mask intact.

When washing the mask, remove the filter and put the mask in detergent diluted with water. However, do not keep it soaked for a long time. Air-dry the mask. You must wash the mask every week.

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#2 – Breathable Mask

The breathable mask is made using Polyurethane material, which has properties that can filter out tiny particles in the air, keeping you safe from germs and viruses. The excellent performance of the mask is effective and is one of the best bets you have to keep deadly viruses away.

It has a three-dimensional network structure. The high-density barrier effectively and efficiently keeps germs away from you. The design of the mask is such that it fits comfortably on your face. The soft elastic is comfortable, allowing you to keep the mask on for longer.

The mask is reusable, which means you can wash and use it again. For better performance, it is recommended that you wash the mask at least once a week.

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#3 – Adjustable PM 2.5 Mask

The waterproof fabric of the mask is efficient at keeping germs at bay. The mask can be adjusted to fit your face perfectly. The nose pin can be adjusted to make sure the mask covers completely to keep away any germs from entering.

The filter is efficient and can be replaced. It is recommended that you replace the mask every 7 to 10 days to make sure your health is not compromised. Thanks to the waterproof material, it is easy to clean the mask. You can clean it every week to ensure that your mask remains effective.

Unlike other masks, this mask does not come with an earloop. Instead, you can stick the mask using velcro at the back of the mask. It goes all the way around your neck and secures it tightly. This makes it easy to remove the mask without touching the front portion. Simply undo the velcro and remove the mask.

It is available in three colors. The package comes with one mask.

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#4 – 10 pieces of Disposable Black Cotton Masks

If you are not someone who wishes to reuse a mask by washing it, these disposable masks are for you. They come in a package of 10 and are great for one-time use. You must, however, make sure that you dispose off the mask after a single-use. In no case must you use the mask more than once as this means exposing yourself to dangerous germs.

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The cotton masks are all individually packed which makes it very hygienic and clean. You can easily carry the mask in your bag without worrying about it getting dirty. The masks are comfortable and help keep away most particles. When you put the mask on, gently press the mask to help the mask fit your face comfortably.

The elasticity of the rubber band is also of good quality. In one package, you get 10 of these disposable masks. Get at least a couple of packages to keep your family and yourself covered.

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#5 – Reusable KN95 Cotton Mask

The melt-blown cloth of the mask has Polypropylene as its raw material. The fiber diameter of the mask can reach one to five microns. These ultra-thin fibers have a unique capillary structure that increases the number and surface area of fibers per unit area. The melt-blown cloth is great and highly-effective at keeping away germs from you. It can protect you against the harmful particles suspended in the air.

The four-layer protection effectively filters out any harmful virus that can affect your health. The melt-blow cloth electrostatically absorbs soot and keeps you from inhaling it.

kn95 mask

What else? You do not have to dispose of the mask after one use. It can be washed and reused. Wash it gently. If you are soaking it in detergent water, do not keep it soaking for long. It is also a good idea to spray the mask with alcohol disinfectant every week to kill the germs.

The maks is also adjustable, which allows it to be adjusted according to your face for more comfortable wear. Use the nose clip to effectively seal the mask and prevent any harmful germs from entering.

You can buy from the two package options – Option 1 has 5 masks and Option 2 has 10 masks. You can get either of the packages that will protect you and your loved ones.

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#6 – Children PM 2.5 Mask

When the global outbreak is on the rise, it is essential to keep your kids protected as well. The PM 2.5 vertical folding mask keeps your kids safe and protected in these difficult times. The mask is made of high-quality cotton that is both soft and breathable. The mask is comfortable and will not disrupt your child’s breathing.

The mask can be fitted comfortably to your child’s face so that no harmful particles can enter your child.

children face mask aliexpress

It is suitable for kids between the age of 3 to 12 years.

The masks are not disposable. You can reuse the mask after washing it thoroughly. The filter in the mask, however, cannot be washed. Whenever you wash the mask, make sure that you remove the filter, or else the mask will lose its efficiency.

The masks in fun colors and patterns that your kids will love and will not say no to. The bright colors are essential to ensure that your kids do not throw away the masks. Also, the mask will not cause any discomfort.

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What is Covid-19?

Covid-19 is an illness caused by a member of the Coronavirus family. It is an illness that has never been encountered before in humans. Like all other illnesses from Coronavirus, Covid-19 also comes from animals. The disease first started in Wuhan, China. The first people who were reported to have Covid-19 were those who either worked or frequently shopped in the Huanan Seafood market in the center of the city.

However, the illness is spreading far and wide in other countries as well. There have been over 90 thousand cases worldwide, which calls for an emergency situation all over. While global panic has been on the rise, we need to stay calm and take measures to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from this threatening virus.

What are the symptoms of Covid-19?

Covid-19 has flu-like symptoms and the virus can cause pneumonia. Those who have reported ill have symptoms like coughs, fever, and breathing difficulties. Those with a weak immune system are more prone to be badly affected by the virus. In severe cases, the virus can cause organ failure. Antibiotics will not work against it as it is viral pneumonia. The recovery depends on how strong your immune system is. Many of those who died due to coronavirus already were in poor health.

How to protect yourself from the deadly Covid-19?

There are several ways to protect yourself from the virus. Here’s what you can do –

  • Wash your hands – As elementary as this sounds, it is one of the most essential steps you can take to protect yourself from the virus. Wash your hands thoroughly, rubbing them for at least 20 seconds.
  • Sanitizer to the rescue – You cannot wash your hands every single time, so during such times, a sanitizer will help. Make sure that you have a sanitizer with you at all times. But, make sure that the sanitizer has over 60 percent of alcohol content.
  • A tissue when you cough or sneeze – When you sneeze or cough, do not do so on your hands. Cover with a tissue, and then immediately throw it in the bin and wash your hands. If you do not have a tissue, cough or sneeze on your elbow, not your hands.
  • Wear a mask – Masks offer some protection again liquid droplets. They are effective against the virus to certain limits. If you are not affected by the flu, wear a mask to keep yourself safe. Get a mask for yourself and for your family.

Fight Coronavirus Covid-19 with these masks!

You must have heard that prevention is always better than cure. Use these masks to stay safe from harmful germs and pollutants.